Wood is always moving. It shrinks and swells in ever changing humidity, finding balance with its environment. It breathes as we breathe, slowly returning to the earth.

My immersion in fine woodworking at the College of the Redwoods is allowing me to reflect on the ways I am moving towards wood, and ultimately, myself. I came to explore the healing or therapeutic benefits of hand-tool based woodworking because I find that spending time in the shop makes me better at the rest of life: I’m more patient, sensitive and compassionate. Woodworking is a form of meditation – a process of familiarization with materials, tools and myself.

I believe that learning  to create meaningful objects out of wood – by relying on the human abilities of craftsmanship rather than the certainty of automated production – can play an important role in our quality of life and the decisions we make, both individually and collectively. Woodworking with a therapeutic intention  can connect us with processes that sustain our wellbeing, while cultivating confidence, meaning and a profound sense of satisfaction. This is a humble offering to others moving towards wood.


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